“365 days after by Wichai Juntavaro

WICHAI in Maesot photo by Matichai Teawna

Born in Thailand in 1980,

Wichai Juntavaro is a storyteller. He graduated in Communication Art and Mass Communication in 2001, and his work extends from these fields. After being based in Bangkok for four years, Wichai decided to leave the city to travel to the different regions of Thailand and abroad with the intention of discovering new insights and inspiration. He has since been sharing these experiences and discoveries through feature articles, photography, poems, and television documentaries. Interested in both art and science, Wichai’s work combines aesthetic and research-based empirical approaches to explicate the phenomena he encounters. A special attention is however reserved for art and culture, the rights of the marginalized, and the subjects of natural resources and the environment.

In his past works, Wichai has aspired to present the inequalities of economic and natural resources, and the impact and problems of the depletion of such resources upon the environment and on the lives of vulnerable social groups.

At present, he is part of the Spirit in Education Movement, Bangkok base organization working in Southeast Asia country especially to promote sustainable development in Myanmar. Since February 1st, 2021 after coup d’état he continuing to support the democracy movement and provide humanitarian assistance to the people who affected from the conflict. In the same time, He continuing to share the story from the field by using his photos, article and others as he has been doing for the past 20 years.

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Visit Wichai’s photograph at “365 days after….” An exhibition of feelings towards the Myanmar coup through arts of everyday resistance.

At Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC)

February 01 – 27, 2022