“365 Days after…” by FOX

Fox is a young photographer/videographer from Myanmar. His work highlights the many emotions of the human experience, and the beauty and tragedy of modern society, capturing often simple yet thought-provoking images. His work has been shared locally and internationally, and his talents are recognized by many.

“As a filmmaker, I have thought of so many stories to tell, but I could not have imagined any of the stories I’m documenting now.” FOX

Things have changed so dramatically since February 2021, and it has now been one year since our lives were turned upside down. I never imagined that I would be doing what I’m doing now, and that’s not a rare feeling in our country. All of us are feeling the same thing. I’m very proud of the work that I’m doing, but I hope all of this will come to an end soon because there is just too much grief, suffering, and destruction.

Fox photo graph exhibiting at BACC, Bangkok from February 1st- 28th, 2022.

and some collection will exhibit at Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand – FCCT From February 11th-28th, 2022

Fox Photo’s sale for fund raising 3,000 THB each

A lot more coming, Please stay tune!

Fox’s photograph are sale for fundraising include frame for 3,000 THB each.

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Visit FOX’s photograph at “365 days after….” An exhibition of feelings towards the Myanmar coup through arts of everyday resistance.

At Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC)

February 01 – 27, 2022