“365 Days after….” by Lily’s Mom

Lily’s Mom is a Burmese photographer and artist, currently wandering around Southeast Asia and Asia to be running away, by choice, from the possible encounters, which she doesn’t want to face.

Her works focus on collective identities and stories, human relationships, looking at the inner psyche and telling intimate stories of people and places that are close to her heart. She tells personal stories from which she connects and examines larger social issues; vice versa she works on social documentaries reflecting and drawing from her personal experience, observation and position within the subject.

Lily’s mom uses photography as her main medium and incorporates videos, texts, poems, paintings and drawings of her own or collaborating with others. Her works have been exhibited locally and in international festivals, art spaces and events. Lily’s mom is the recipient of renowned art and photography prizes and participant in prestigious programs. 

A Tribute to Fallen Heroes

These images are a selection from my ongoing mix-media project “Drive The Devils Out”, an experience, a witnessing and a response of an individual among the collective history, actions and experiences, since the military coup in Myanmar 1st February 2021. I had joined the anti-coup protests since 6th February, as someone who holds tremendous anger and agony towards the military coup. I had been slowly documenting what was happening on the streets in Yangon where I lived then and collecting materials reflecting and asking myself what my role is in this collective history. 

I went to only one of the funeral services of a fallen hero who sacrificed his life during one of the brutal violent crackdowns. The experience broke my heart into pieces and I couldn’t visit any more burial events. I believe that whatever I do and try to do, my actions would be a tiniest particle compared to the selflessness, courage, bravery and virtue of those who have sacrificed their lives for their people, community and mother land. I kept visiting the memorial and tribute dedicated to our fallen heroes. This series of images is my incomplete yet sincere tribute towards each and every fallen hero from students, workers, CDM heroes, street protesters and frontline fighters to journalists, poets, women and children. 

“You are gone but never forgotten.” 

Lily’s Mom 

© 2022

Original of this art work are part of the exhibiton: 365 days after….An exhibition of feelings towards the Myanmar coup through arts of everyday resistance.

At Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC)

February 01 – 27, 2022