“365 Days after..(coup)..” By Chumpol Kamwanna

Chumpol Kamwanna

Chumpol Kamwanna was born in 1973 in Chonburi, Thailand. He lives and works in Bangkok. He graduated with a diploma from the painting department of Poh-Chang Academy of Arts in Bangkok where he studied from 1994 until 1996.Painter Chumpol Kamwanna’s works usually depict himself. Sometimes he is seen taking selfies in some of the country’s most tragic historical, often political, events or focus on frontal and sideways views of humans at other times.

His works aim to inspire the viewers to contemplate the things surrounding us. As long as the world keeps moving, life must go on. As we live in a society of diverse cultures, traditions and lifestyles the works also aim to raise questions about self-identity. Our livelihoods are commonly influenced by everything around us, including the economy, society, politics, religion, education and culture. Chumpol observes human beings destined to face birth, life and death the same way other all other humans do. He asks viewers how we should deal with the differences among us to accept that we are all equal.

Chumpol’s solo exhibitions were held at the Bangkok Arts & Cultural Center (BACC), Artery Gallery, Chamchuri Gallery and Rebel Art Space in Bangkok. He has participated in group shows at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bangkok, the Minimal Art Gallery in Chiang Mai and the Poh-Chang Gallery in Bangkok.

Blooming Red Flower 80×65 cm Oil on Canvas 58,000 THB

3 Fingers sun flower 80×80 cm Oil on Canvas 65,000 THB (SOLD)
Red lines and White flowers 90×80 cm Oil on Canvas 72,000 THB

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Chumpol Kamwanna with his “OK Thailand: Collection


    Born: 1973,

    Home town:  Chonburi

    Lives and Works:  Bangkok

    EDUCATION: The painting  department  of  Poh-chang  Academy of Arts , Bangkok



    2019    Ok Thailand , Studio 4th floor Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok

    2018    Nual Nang ,  Art Café By Brown Sugar, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok

    2016    Selfie Series , People’s Gallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok          

    2015    365-Happy Land , Chamchuri  Art  Gallery, Bangkok

    2014    3p (People-Politics-Power) , Rebel  Art  Space, Bangkok

    2013    Meet Me  Half  Way  Artery  Post-Modren  Gallery, Bangkok

    2012    Asked Dog To Tell , Chamchuri  Art  Gallery, Bangkok

    2006    Make Love Stop Conflic , Barbaly, Bangkok



    2021    Broken Capitalism , Hatch Art Project , Singapore

    2021   The 14th Art Exhibition Visual Artists Association of Thailand , Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art    

                  Center , Bangkok

    2021    People to People (BACC Fundraising Project 2021) , Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok

    2021     My Favourite Villains , Hatch Art Project , Singapore

    2020    1 2 10 (one to ten) By 40 Thai contemporary Artist , Joyman Gallery, Bangkok

    2020    Fighting Covid-19 with heARTS , Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok

    2020    The 13th Art Exhibition Visual Artists Association of Thailand , The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok


                  Netherlands in Thailand

    2019   The 12th Art Exhibition Visual Artists Association of Thailand , Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art     

                  Center , Bangkok

    2019   Magic Moment , Galleries nights Bangkok , Rebel Art Space , Bangkok

    2018    Human Stories , Galleries nights Bangkok 2018 , Rebel Art Space , Bangkok

    2017    We Love Dawei , Community Art Project , Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) , Bangkok

    2016    Life-Light , Artist: Various Artists , Rebel Art Space , Bangkok

    2015    Pakbara Paradiso , Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) , Bangkok

    2010    My Drawing , Hemlock , Bangkok

    2009    Aesthetics Of  Body  500  Artists , Artery , Bangkok

    2009    Alone In  Context , Minimal  Art  Gallery , Chiangmai

    2008    Art  And  Life , Poh-chang  Art  Gallery , Bangkok

    2007    Erotic  Exhibition , Liam,’S Gallery , Pattaya

Original of this art work are part of the exhibiton: 365 days after….An exhibition of feelings towards the Myanmar coup through arts of everyday resistance.

At Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC)

February 01 – 27, 2022