We provide trainings and workshops based around themes of wellbeing and sustainable living, including subjects such as meditation and social action, conflict resolution, leadership skills, social analysis, and deep ecology. These trainings are rooted in participatory and experiential learning techniques and engaged spirituality, which build values that strengthen wellbeing of people and the environment, rather than materialistic and narrow intellectual definitions of education. We also initiate longer term projects in the region for empowering marginalised people and strengthening civil society.

We have two main branches of our work:

  • SEM  Siam/Thailand
  • SEM  Southeast Asia

SEM  Siam/Thailand

Our local branch office in Bangkok is involved mainly with providing trainings to the Thai public. This includes requested trainings from government agencies, businesses, and NGO’s, plus a range of trainings open to the general public. These trainings are mostly facilitated in Thai language with occasional english language courses available.

Examples of training topics include:

  • Death and Dying
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Non-violent Communication
  • Enneagram
  • Community and Team Building
  • Deep Ecology

Visit our Thai language website, www. semsikkha.org

SEM  Southeast Asia

Our regional branch office is in Bangkok, housed within the Sathirakoses-Nagrapradipa Foundation’s (SNF) spacious residential centre and office. SEM-Southeast Asia is involved in longer-term projects in the Laos, Burma and Cambodia. These projects are designed for specific marginalised target groups in the region, and involve a range of activities and strategies to empower communities and wider civil society. They have grown out of an approach of building capacities of grassroots leaders, including community and religious leaders, and are now expanding into wider civil society empowerment. SEM has been working since 1996 through the Grassroots Leadership Training (GLT) Burma/Myanmar programme (now called SECSM), based on transformative learning processes with topics centered on social justice, sustainable living and strengthening civil society. From this experience, strategies and approaches have expanded into projects in Laos and now, Cambodia. Extended projects in Burma/Myanmar also utilise the capacities people trained through the programme to support new initiatives, in order to build sustainability.

Burma/Myanmar   Laos   Cambodia

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Our office is also involved in facilitating exposure visits and country-based exchanges on request for our partners and other interested organisations. Focusing on our educational?approach of experiential learning, these tailor-made exposure visits incorporate meeting with intellectuals and academics, and learning from grassroots peoples  experiences, within a participatory and reflective learning process.

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